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Wintersemester 2019

Beide Vorbesprechungen: Di., 8.10.2019, um 12:00 im Seminarraum DA grĂ¼n 03C.

  • 101.696 Seminar AKNUM Maschinelles Lernen, 2h, 3.0 EC

  • 101.722 Projektpraktikum AKANW: Projektpraktikum aus technische Mathematik: Maschinelles Lernen: Theorie und Anwendung, 5 h, 7.5 EC

Sommersemester 2020

  • Vorlesung Introduction to Scientific Computing (Julia)

  • Vorlesung Reinforcement Learning


At TU Wien, I usually teach classes and seminars

  • on machine learning and especially on reinforcement learning (theory and applications),
  • on deterministic and stochastic partial differential equations (with applications in nanotechnology) as well as computational Bayesian inversion.

Please see TISS for details.