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1 Teaching

Please see TISS for details.

1.1 Fall Terms

  • Lecture (with tutorial) Advanced Reinforcement Learning. This course is a continuation of the Reinforcement Learning course in the fall semester and based on my lecture notes.
  • Lecture (with tutorial) Generative AI (“Ringvorlesung”) taught by
    • Georg Gottlob,
    • Clemens Heitzinger,
    • Bernhard Krüpl-Sypien,
    • Julia Neidhardt,
    • Emanuel Sallinger.
  • Seminar/privatissimum.

1.2 Spring Terms

  • Lecture (with tutorial) Reinforcement Learning (courses 194.163 and 101.789 in TISS) based on Sutton and Barto’s text book and my lecture notes.
  • Seminar for PhD students (194.110).
  • Privatissimum for PhD students (194.028).